Choosing Your First Board

Paddle boarding is an amazing activity, and it becomes even more amazing when you get to experience a variety of paddle boarding activities. When starting out, choosing a paddle board can be difficult. When you’re inexperienced, you can struggle to identify which specific activities you’ll find the most enjoyable. That’s why we recommend starting with a durable, high-quality all-around board. These boards are designed to work for most activities, come in a variety of colors, and can survive the wear and tear of learning. Some of our all-around boards have some “extra” features that make them excellent for specific activities as well.

The AlfaSUP™ Line of Boards

The Alfa SUP™ Epoxy Board line is a highly durable, lightweight line of paddle boards.  Made out of epoxy these board are extremely light but versatile.  They’re built using an amazing EPS Foam Core, 3 layers of fiberglass, and the highest quality epoxy resin.

For more experienced SUP boarders, we recommend checking out our featherlight, carbon fiber boards.

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Our boards are also sold at Ozark Paddle Boards in Springfield, MO. Local Pickup is always an option, and your free to see the quality for yourself.

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